Rear Dormer

All new loft conversions need the maximum walking space inside. This can be achieved by adding a projection from the roof line known as a dormer. SR Joinery & Loft Conversions will design your dormer to your particular roofline and strive to achieve the maximum possible space for your planned loft conversion, bedroom, and en-suite living space.

Side Dormer

A Semi-detached house with 'hip-ended' sloping side roofs will invariably need a side dormer. This will give sufficient head room, we will design the best choice of dormer to suit your home and your needs.

Hip to Gable

Some 'hip-ended' roofs may benefit from a 'hip to gable' conversion rather than a side dormer we can advise you on this our own surveyor who will explain the options and show you the differences.

Mansard Roofs

A Mansard Roof is favoured by many Local Authorities and is largely evident in Central London or inner urban areas where space is of the premium and dormers may look out of place and affect the overall roof style. The roof angle of a Mansard roof is changed to 70 degrees to create the maximum possible space. The exterior finish is matched to the existing roof so as to blend in and have minimal upkeep.

Velux Conversions

One very good way to keep costs low is to make full use of Velux Roof windows as the look great and blend into the roof line. Velux double-glazed roof windows are built to withstand the harshest elements and climates designed in Scandinavia they are simply the finest roof window money can buy and for this reason alone we only recommend Velux roof windows.


SR Joinery & Loft Conversions pride themselves in high quality joinery which naturally includes handmade stairs. Each set of stairs are handmade to fit your loft conversion and to blend in perfectly with the style and decor. Constructed in pine or hardwood the stairs will become much of a feature of the loft conversion as a fireplace would be to a living room.

Bathrooms and Shower Rooms

We all could do with a second bathroom especially in growing families and we have been creating en-suite bathrooms to loft conversions to bring that additional luxury to working home. Increasingly popular is the bath/shower loft room addition. Whether en suite or for shared family use a second large bathroom or shower room add comfort and value to any home extension and happiness to a busy home. Our trained and highly experienced plumbers will complete the task including full tiling in ceramic or marble as you prefer.


The loft Conversion will require good lighting as it is less likely to have natural light from various elevations so it is vitally important that attention is paid to the skillful use of lighting which can make dramatic and subtle affects upon the living experience. We have many years of experience in working in the loft conversion business to be able to build in complex lighting systems including discrete and direct lighting to bring life and create the ambiance to your loft conversion theme.


Your loft conversion will no doubt require some form of heating and with SR Joinery & loft Conversions heating comes as a standard feature with each of our loft conversions. Connected to your central heating boiler, thermostatically-controlled radiators provide exactly the heat you need.